Went life drawing today with friends but unfortunately the model didn’t show up. So instead, some artists volunteered to model and the session ended up being free.

It seems that I’ve only made it a habit to go to life drawing sessions every 6 months. It’s kinda frustrating getting back into the groove each time. It’s still very therapeutic every time I make the effort though. 

I did an artistic preference scale quiz thing.

Totally knew impressionism is my favourite ism. Though I feel like I either like Classicism more or about the same as Rococo. It’s just some of the paintings they let me choose weren’t really fair. I mean, I’d automatically choose Rococo if you’re gonna give me some Cubism piece. 

Man, I miss art. I’ve been questioning my career choices as of late (specialized visual arts in high school VS software development in college). I really want to do both and I think I know how to do it but it’s a big risk and it’ll take a lot of perseverance.

My probe scoutin’

Video taken by johpan

Photos by elementalsc & Joshua Salvador.

My R/C probe! I’m so glad that I had such a positive response with my little scout at WCS Season 3 Finals. I mean, 980+ upvotes on reddit?! Wow! The event was awesome. I loooove how us Canadians put a hockey spin to eSports. Such a great vibe with good company. I’m hoping that there’ll be more major eSports events in Toronto or in Canada in general.